Skin Disease

Skin Disease

Skin Diseases like Urticatia , Eczema & Vitiligo

In most of these cases, allopaths give steroids but in homoeopathy we study the case as a whole & provide safe & effective treatment.


Also known as hives, nettlerash, or wheals

It is an extremely common disorder and there are only a few individuals who do not experience this condition in some form or other during their lifetime. The lesions are itchy red papules and plaques of variable size that often arise within a few minutes and last 6 -24 hours. The ultimate cause of urticaria is release of histamine, a chemical released by mast cells in the body. Some of the causes of urticaria include foods such as fish, prawns, crabs, milk, penicillins, aspirins, hot baths, exercise, cold and light or persistent pressure over skin.



A common skin disorder in which there is focal failure of pigmentation due to destruction of melanin producing cells. It is thought to be due to immunological mechanisms. There are sharply defined areas of depigmentation which are slightly pink at the start of the disorder. The areas are much more evident in summer months when the surrounding skin becomes sunburnt. It is a serious cosmetic issue for dark skinned people. The condition mostly starts in childhood. It occurs in 1-2% of the population and is more common when other members of the family are affected.



There is not as single certain cause of eczema. However, it is generally considered as allergic disease and it has another popular name, which is Atopic dermatitis. It often goes along with asthma and hay fever. Research shows that following things are the cause of eczema:

  • Variation in normal temperature or humidity levels
  • Allergies (to mould, dust, animal, etc.)
  • Chemical irritants: a number of chemicals such as paints, pesticides,
  • alcohol, perfumes, astringents, harsh soaps & detergents along with common household cleaners can irritate skin
  • Physical irritants: such as synthetic clothes and clothes made of wool.
  • Emotional anxiety or nervousness
  • Any kind of infection in the body

All of the above are possible causes of eczema, but all may occur for different reasons and so it is hard to pinpoint one. Any contact with matter that irritates the skin is called irritant contact dermatitis. This can be the result of direct contact between skin and the matter, like a detergent, soap like materials, alcohol, strong chemical, household cleaner, perfume, etc. Direct contact with any harsh substance may cause allergies and people may be extremely sensitive to such changes in the environment. Metals like nickel can act as an allergen, and all the ornaments such as earrings can be a cause of eczema. There is another kind of dermatitis known as stasis dermatitis, which affects the lower portion of a sufferer’s legs.