Patient Testimonial
My father was having a very terrible skin disease as I remember from my childhood & we never knew what it was. When I grew up, I heard the name of that disease as psoriasis. my mother was taking him to various doctors, skin specialists & ayurvedic doctors but there was no improvement. so someone suggested us the name of Dr. Pawan Gupta.

Now, my father is going to him for almost 2 years & I can see his psoriasis which was all over his body is very much reduced & normal fresh skin is appearing since he started the treatment & my father is very much relieved of his psoriasis. Dr. Pawan first gave us us appointment, then asked detailed information about the illness & then about the patient himself. And after thorough checking he gave us the homoeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic Doctor For Skin Diseases.

POOJA MAKHIJA Balco appt.I.P.Extn.

Perfect Dignosis , No side effects

Excellent results, Dr Pawan Gupta is a jem of a person. I was suffering from migraine since last one year & it was really pain full. I tried all the treatments but of no avail. Luckily my neighbour Sunita told me about Doctor Sahib & his specialisation with homoeopathic treatment. Although it took 4 months but now I am totally fit would like to thank to Dr.Pawan. God bless him.

RITU JAIN Preet Vihar,East Delhi

Its really tough to get such good doctors now a days ,who are so professional and skilled. Thank god I got the one. He is so positive with his attitude and his treatment. I recommend everyone to go to such a person who gives you a personal care. He is such a cheerful person and honest in his work. He is such an angel who is totally working for his satisfaction.

ASHOK GULATI Jhilmil Colony,East Delhi.

Hi, my name is Abhigyan. What I remember about Dr. Pawan is that simply he is a MASTER PAIN RELIEVER. I remember my severe pains due to Kidney Stone& he and his homeopathy has just saved me from all the sufferings.

He has cured my disease and the good results are showing up. He is a very comforting, trustworthy person with lots of patience which is required for taking the prolonged history of a patient. I truely trust him and recommend him to all those who are suffering with kidney stones.


The good thing about homeopathy is that there are no side effects and the best thing about Dr. gupta is his total personal attention, prompt treatment, specific advice and long lasting effects.He is specialized for kidney stone treatments. He is a good hearted person who listens to the patients deeply about their problems & than start the treatment.

INDERRAJ GROVER Harbans Nagar,Jallandhar